With decades of combined experience writing, performing, and producing songs in every conceivable genre, Hugh Colocott and Jimmy Santis invite you to sample selections from their ever-growing catalog.

Their songs are available for immediate placement, recording, and singing at outrageous volume in the shower.

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It all started with matching haircuts and screaming teens. Today’s pop means eclectic variety, and Vortex is there with memorable hooks and catchy melodies for teens of all ages.


Shake your hair, swing that air guitar, ignore the bouncers, and dive for the stage. Feel the angst. It’s rock ‘n’ roll!


Country’s full range — from soulful and stripped-down to edgier intersections with pop. Maybe next time she won’t take the pickup and the dog.


Everyone moving? Our job here is done.


Light the candles… and pour the wine. Infused with the retro soul of Motown and soaked in Jimmy and Hugh’s vibey groove. Is it hot in here?


Capturing the pure, organic sounds of the perfect spontaneous coffee house jam — without that one guy and his mail-order ukelele.


One song at a time, connecting people with their faith.


The passionate synergy of a Greek guy and his English cowriter.