About Hugh & Jimmy

Hugh Colocott & Jimmy Santis, having blithely ignored Hugh’s mother’s counsel to get “real jobs,” now work as a songwriting and production team in New York City. Since 2007, they have brought their songs and skills to television, film, and the live stage.


Jimmy Santis of Vortex MusicJimmy Santis, whose long list of credits includes work on albums for Madonna, The Talking Heads, Ziggy Marley, Paul Simon, George Benson and Frank Sinatra, is actually most proud of his work on the foosball table; he’ll kick your ass. Jimmy spent the early part of his career as a recording engineer at the legendary Sigma Sound Studios and then went on to work for one of the largest indie publishers in the world, Peermusic.

Jimmy’s songs have been placed in film and television, and he has enjoyed cuts on major and indie labels in the U.S. and overseas.

His song “I Promise” was recorded by Philippine Idol Gretchen Espina and appeared on her debut album.

His most popular song, “A Girl Can Dream,” has been recorded by five different artists, including Sony/Epic’s PYT for the movie Center Stage, which hit #9 on the Philippines top 40 charts.

Jimmy again had a top 10 hit with his song “Perfect Love,” sung by Universal recording artist Daniel Chan, which went to #6 on Singapore’s pop charts.

Jimmy also had the title track, “Heart Of A Champion” sung by EMI artist Carman which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Christian Charts. “Forgive Me” was recorded by the legendary rock group Asia on their AURA album and was part of their comeback tour in 2001. He’s had top 20 major label hits in Spain, Denmark, and Israel.

All this is in addition to his esteemed status as a world-renowned Greek comedian whose one-man show features Jimmy as a down-on-his-luck immigrant whose desire for love, money, and escarole leave him in total despair. Opa!

Despite his international success, Jimmy is at his heart a local boy. He’s been a Yankees season ticket holder for the last decade, and if you need pointers on the best in diners Astoria has to offer, Jimmy Santis is your man.


Hugh Colocott hails from quaint Farnham Surrey, England and currently lives the baffled, beleaguered life of a Red Sox fan in New York City. He compensates by occasionally kicking Jimmy’s ass at foosball — politely, of course; he is British.Hugh Colocott of Vortex Music

A career musician, Hugh was signed to RCA Records in 1994 as the lead singer and guitarist of the Philadelphia-based band ME. Though his songwriting catalog numbers over 300 songs, Hugh still enjoys playing live and strikes a balance between producing and performing.

His song “Sunday Morning” appears in the Disney film Santa Buddies. In 2009, “So Long Goodbye” reached #32 on the Nashville country charts. His “We’re Gonna Make It” placed among the top 20 songs in the American Idol songwriting competition.

Hugh cowrote six songs on Nashville artist Amber Rhodes’ album, “Goodbye Yesterday.”

He wrote the single “One Heart” on German actor Ralf Richter’s album, “One Heart.”

The Warner Brothers movie Utopian Society featured three of Hugh’s songs. Additionally, his songs have been featured on ABC’sProm Queen,” “Living Lohan,” “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” “DeGrassi: The Next Generation,” “All My Children,” and as the theme song on Fuse’s The PA.”

Hugh is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Nashville Songwriters Association, the Association of Independent Music Publishers, and the Bitter End’s Songwriters Circle.

In his slim leisure time, Hugh greatly enjoys reading, running, and savoring vodka tonics at the most prime people-watching places on Earth: dive bars. He can accomplish two of these activities at the same time; they may not be the two you imagine.